8 Missteps That Can Hinder Your Weight Loss

People will naturally vary in their weight-loss patterns when undertaking the Official HCG Diet Plan. Some will lose a lot quickly; others may take a bit longer to shed the same amount of weight. However, if you follow the protocol as prescribed, weight loss will absolutely occur, and it will end up being the weight loss that you desire so long as you stick to the basics.

Sticking to the basics sounds easy, but lots of people take missteps along the way, sometimes without realizing it, and these missteps/miscues can throw your weight-loss pattern in arears.

Here is a list of missteps to avoid:

1.) First, don't forget to take your sublingual HCG diet drops three times a day. This is the basic of basics, but if you skip here or there on the doprs, the results in weight loss will be hindered, and you may find yourself getting too hungry and then committing misstep number 2, which is:

2) Cheating by throwing in some old foods and food habits that the Official HCG Diet Plan absolutely tells you to avoid, such as eating starchy or sugary foods (bread, pasta, rice, candy and so on). If you miss some of the diet drops regimen, your hunger could force you into cheating with one or more of these fat-producing, fat-clinging products.

3) Substituting fruits or vegetables that are high in sugar or carbohydrates for the ones on the Phase 2 diet menu. All fruits and veggies are not created equal, and some will jack up both the starch and sugar components of your food intake, thus causing a "cheat" on your restricted-calorie diet.

4) High sodium intake: Though salt is not prohibited on the Official HCG Diet Plan, remember that too much sodium will cause you to retain water and puff out. Stick to the sodium levels inherent in the foods you prepare and eat, and you'll be fine.

5) Not drinking enough water: Remember that you need 48 ounces of water consumption a day to cleanse your system and help your digestion. If you don't follow this rule, you'll definitely impede your weight loss.

6) Not using a proper scale and measuring your portions correctly. In his book "Pounds and Inches," diet founder Dr. A.T.W. Simeons said to avoid cheap, mechanical kitchen scales, which can be inaccurate, and to buy accurate, electronic scales, which cost only a bit more if you shop around.

7) Drinking alcohol: Your desire for alcohol should disappear due to the HCG diet drops' effect on your hypothalamus and to the purity of the foods you'll be eating, but if you do cheat with a beer, wine or cocktail at a party or special event, it could slow down and retard your weight-loss progress.

8) Taking over-the-counter medications that contain sugar: Remember that sugary products must be avoided, and this includes cough, cold and other medicines.

Stick to the Official HCG Diet Plan down to the minutest detail (including avoiding oil-based cosmetics). Dr. Simeons warned in "Pounds and Inches" that, for each day you cheat in whatever way, you'll need to spend the next three days following the HCG diet protocol to the "T" in order to get back to where you were before you cheated. It's just not worth it. Adhere to the Official HCG Diet Plan throughout your dieting period, and you'll see dramatic results.

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