American Beef v. Dr. Simeons' Beef

Did you know that just like people, different domesticated animals in different parts of the world suffer from weight issues? It’s true! And can you guess which country has some of the fattiest beef? That’s right, the U.S.A.

The beef that Dr. Simeons uses in his HCG diet protocol is South Italian beef. This beef is said to have half the caloric content of American beef. This is because of the marbling that occurs throughout every piece of beef, which is impossible to remove.

The HCG diet protocol demands the absence of fat from the diet. This is impossible to achieve if one continues to eat beef while on the HCG diet drops. The best thing to do while you’re on the HCG diet is to eat veal in place of the beef.

If you can’t really stomach the idea of eating veal, or you can’t find it at the grocery store, then just eat other proteins while you’re taking the HCG drops. Ask your doctor to recommend an iron supplement. 

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