Apple Day on the HCG Diet

While doing research about the HCG diet, maybe you read about “apple day” but don’t understand what it’s all about. Weight loss occurs very quickly on the HCG diet, especially during phase 2; some people lose 2 pounds a day! Sometimes, though, weight loss can slow down or stall for various reasons. This is known as a “plateau” on the HCG diet. If this happens, it’s apple day to the rescue!


Here’s how apple day works, according to Dr. Simeons:


First, keep taking your HCG drops. Next, begin your apple day diet starting at lunch time. For the next 24 hours, you are only allowed to eat six large apples and drink just enough water to quench an uncomfortable thirst.  The six apples are the only thing you eat for the 24-hour period. At lunch time the following day, you may eat a regular HCG diet-approved lunch. After this time period, your weight loss should be back on track.

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