Body Cleanse or Detox Needed Before the HCG Diet?

Is it necessary to do a body cleanse or detox before you begin the HCG diet? Well, no. Because you are cutting out all harmful foods from your system on the HCG diet, it’s not necessary to do a detox. No sugars, starches, or fats are permitted. It’s also recommended that you consume only organic foods and purified water. This will naturally help your body rid itself of toxins.


However, some people have found that doing a detox before the HCG diet helps to jump-start them on the diet, and helps them to lose more weight in the long run. So if you want to do a detox before the diet, you might find yourself losing even more weight than you thought you would. If you don’t, that’s just fine too. If, however, you do decide to try out a detox, click for a great option available from Official HCG Diet Plan.

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