Chewing Gum on the HCG Diet

Many people wonder if they can chew sugar free gum on the HCG diet. We usually tell them no, as most gums do not contain HCG diet-approved sweeteners. Some people feel they need chewing gum; they are addicted to it just as smokers are to cigarettes. Just like with any other food, it’s important to read the label to determine what is in the gum.

If you’ll recall, the only sweetener allowed on the HCG diet is Stevia. It is possible to find gum made with Stevia, which would be an HCG diet approved gum. Some gums made with Xylitol claiming to be the only gums approved for the HCG diet. This is not true. Stevia is the only HCG diet approved sweetener. Only gum made with Stevia is approved.

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