Constipation and the HCG Diet

People on the HCG diet plan sometimes report that they experience constipation. As Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, developer of the HCG diet, observed, constipation is fairly normal among overweight people.

However, dieters using HCG diet drops often think that the drops or the diet are causing their constipation.

If you do experience constipation on the diet, remember that it is important to consume one-half gallon to one gallon of water a day. This acts to soften the feces, making a bowel movement easier.

Also, as Dr. Simeons noted, on the HCG diet plan bowel movements usually occur only every third or fourth day. If you still haven't had a movement after four days, you need to re-examine your food and water consumption and be sure you're not "cheating" somewhere.

Also, after four days with no movement, Dr. Simeons said it is okay to use a suppository, but laxatives should be avoided. Laxatives taken by the mouth are another substance that will enter your system and interfere with your HCG hormonal activity.

If you do find yourself cheating, please refer to our article "Cheating on the HCG Diet Plan" and get yourself back on track.

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