Cosmetics on HCG

HCG diet protocol states that no oil can be consumed during phase two of the diet. In fact, oil should not even touch your skin. This is because the HCG makes your body extremely sensitive to oils and fats. Your skin can absorb these oils or fats, stalling your weight loss or even stopping it. It’s important to be careful about all the items you use to clean your body; even your shampoo can contain oil. Carefully read the labels of everything you currently use before starting the HCG diet.

Don’t use any items containing lanolin. A good place to find personal hygiene products is a health food store. Many times, these places will carry items made only with all natural ingredients. Also, try looking for items that contain coconut oil. This is the only acceptable oil on the HCG diet other than mineral oil (which can be used to treat very dry skin, if present). 

There are many things we put on our body every day without even thinking about what might be in it. While you’re on the HCG diet drops, make sure you are mindful of this at all times. 

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