Eating Out or Traveling on the HCG Diet PLan

For some people, their social lives tend to revolve around food. When you meet up with friends, maybe you go out for dinner, drinks, or coffee. Traveling means eating out out for just about every meal. If you are thinking of going on the HCG diet, but you are worried it will put an end to your social life, or stop you from taking a trip, fear not. It is possible to eat out and travel while on the HCG diet.


For eating out, here are a few tips. First, don't be afraid of looking picky or finicky. You're paying for the food, so you should be able to order it the way you want it. Try ordering chicken or fish, steamed or baked with no oils or butter. Also, if vegetables are an option, make sure you ask for them steamed with no butter or seasoning (since many restaurants use seasonings that may contain sugar). You can salt and pepper them when they arrive at the table if you like.


Also, it's important to remember not to skip a dose of your HCG drops while you are traveling. If you are taking a road trip, think about making several meals that are good cold, or some that reheat easily, such as salads and soups. Pack them in a cooler for meals to eat until you arrive at your destination. For longer trips on airplanes, it is okay to pack a meal or two. Just make sure that there are no liquids in your meal, since TSA will not allow those through.

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