Eggs on the HCG Diet?

Is it ok to eat eggs while you’re on the HCG diet? Some people think it’s ok, some people argue that it is not. The HCG diet protocol states that it is acceptable to eat eggs one or two times a week. However, if you notice a stall or decline in your weight loss, you may want to cut the eggs out of your diet completely. We think it's ok to eat eggs--sparingly!--while you're on the HCG diet as they can be a good source of protein. Try eating just egg whites instead of the whole egg. 


If you do need to eat eggs while you’re on the HCG diet (i.e. you simply can’t even look at another piece of chicken), remember that an egg with the yolk is around 80 calories. Egg whites are about 12 calories. Do not eat more than four eggs in any given day. A good way to eat an egg while on the HCG diet drops is to have them hard boiled with the yolks removed. This way, they aren't being cooked in any additional fat. 


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