Following the HCG Diet Plan on a Busy Schedule

We get a lot of inquiries from people who say they might be too busy to follow the official HCG diet plan to the letter T. This is quite normal and understandable. Almost all of us have daily jobs, and if not, we're probably busy homemakers (which might be somewhat of an advantage), so it's challenging. It's also pretty hard to poach or grill a piece of meat or chicken at work, and it may be hard to find a restaurant that will serve you what you need, but won't then lead you into temptation with what accompanies it.

What most people find workable is preparing the workday meals in advance. Grill your protein dishes on the weekend and cut them up into the right-sized portions for the official HCG diet plan. Freeze them until the day you need them, and then take them to work with you. Most places of work have refrigerators. If not, you can buy those temperature-sustaining bags that keep things hot or cold for you.

One of our dieters also says she munches on neutral vegetables. such as lettuce, cucumber, and spinach, as snacks before and after lunch. You can also mix in apples, strawberries and oranges, but stay away from any canned fruits as they will have added sugar for sweeteners. Please remember, however, not to use up your allotted allowance of these fruits and vegetables in the daytime. Save some for dinner.

Admittedly, this can sound a bit boring, but remember that the HCG diet drops are going to keep your hunger under control. Remember also that most diets that work are built around small portions throughout the day, which is pretty much what the HCG diet plan recommends as well.

Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, who discovered the beneficial effects of HCG, called obesity a result of the modern habit of sitting down and eating "three squares" a day. Naturally, when you're stuffing that much food into yourself on a routine basis, the calories have to go somewhere, and unless you're out ploughing fields by hand all day, those calories are probably going to show up as excess and unwelcome (and unhealthy) body fat.

So, as you embark on your 21-day official HCG diet plan (or other plan), browse through our HCG diet recipes to find food approaches that you can adapt to your busy life-style. It won't take long on Saturday or Sunday to grill, cut and size all the foods and portions you need for a busy week at work.

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