Getting a Massage on the HCG Diet Plan

This is another area where Dr. Simeons is very adamant: massage is absolutely not recommended during the HCG diet. This is because your body is losing a large amount of weight and also redistributing tissues to where they should be.

If you get a massage, you are disturbing the careful tissue reconstructions that are happening under your skin. Also, sometimes deep massages can produce scar tissue under the skin. Fat cells can become trapped in the scar tissue, making it impossible for the HCG diet to do its job correctly. Dr. Simeons argues that massage is never necessary, as it can often do more harm than good to the person receiving it.

If you feel achy while you’re on the HCG diet, like you may need a massage, try soaking in a bubble bath instead. Make sure to use salts instead of bath oils, as oils and fats are not allowed on the HCG diet. If this does not ease your aches and pains, try using a heating pad on the areas of your body that hurt. 

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