HCG Diet Success Tips

1: Don’t cheat


It sounds obvious, but it’s the most basic and most important diet tip we can give you. Don’t stray from your 500 calorie a day plan. Why? Because little things add up quickly. If you eat just 50-100 calories a day extra (that’s like half an ounce extra of chicken, or a handful of strawberries), you’re consuming 350-700 calories more per week than you should. That could prevent you from losing maybe 3 pounds per week. Why spend money on the HCG diet if you’re not going to do it properly and get the best results you can?


2: Prepare foods in advance


Doing so can help you out when you’re feeling super hungry or pressed for time. This, in turn, can help stop you from cheating.


3: Use HCG Diet Approved Recipes


Try out new HCG diet friendly recipes. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You might find something you didn’t know you liked.


4: Season Your Food Well


Studies have shown that people who consume flavorful food tend to eat less of it. Just because your food is low fat doesn’t mean it has to be bland. You can use herbs and spices to season your food and give it big flavor, which will help you feel more satisfied.


5: Drink!


Drink at least 2 quarts of water a day, preferably more, while on the HCG diet. Also, green tea is a known appetite suppressant. Try drinking it when you are feeling hungry between meals, or any time you are tempted to cheat. Flavor it with a little Stevia. 


If you follow these tips, as well as the Dr. Simeons protocol, you can be successful on the HCG diet!

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