How to Deal with Hunger and Cravings

While you’re on the HCG diet, on rare occasion, you may experience cravings and hunger. This may happen for a couple of different reasons. If you do experience hunger, make sure you aren’t taking too many of the HCG drops. That can cause you to be even hungrier; it can even cause the diet to fail. 

Also, while you’re on the HCG diet, remember how important it is not to participate in strenuous exercise. Your body is already burning many more calories than you are eating, so it is not necessary to exercise. A short, leisurely walk is permitted. Exercise will make you feel hungrier as well. Try drinking some green tea, a natural appetite suppressant.


If you find yourself feeling hungry even after all of this, check your weight. If you have stopped losing weight, you may be exhibiting signs of HCG immunity.

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