Let the Official HCG Diet Plan Help Reduce Your Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Family practitioners and physicians in general will harp on and on about the benefits of losing weight, and even losing 20 pounds can cut one's risk factors, such as heart attack, stroke and diabetes, in half or more.

How does the Official HCG Diet Plan help in this process?

Of course, using Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) drops to help control your metabolism and burn unwanted fat will naturally result in weight loss -- provided you do your part on the diet front.

The Official HCG Diet Plan includes a dietary regimen in both general and specific terms. In general, the Official HCG Diet Plan requires that you avoid sugars and starches in all their forms and that you also consume lots of water, about one ounce for every two pounds of your body weight on a daily basis.

The specific part of the Official HCG Diet Plan in essence dictates which foods and food combinations you can eat, along with when you can eat them. We even provide recipes to make the proteins and vegetables on your diet more exciting and varied in preparation, so you won't get bored by your diet routine. (Plus, your taste buds and diet choices will naturally change as your body returns to consuming more natural foods.)

Because you're eliminating the sources of high cholesterol and high triglycerides by adhering to the Official HCG Diet Plan, it's only natural that your levels of cholesterol and trigylcerides will fall to optimal levels -- or better -- in short order as you start losing weight.

In general, the medical profession recommends that you keep your total cholesterol (as measured on a blood test) below 200, your LDL or "bad' Cholesterol below 100, and your triclycerides below 150.

Wherever you start results-wise on cholesterol and triglycerides, you'll be amazed that shedding pounds by changing the foods you eat and using HCG diet drops to direct your metabolism to burn unneeded fat will also dramatically improve your results on these crucial tests.

Remember, when beginning a diet, it's always good to have benchmarks. That's why we recommend buying a bathroom scale and using it daily, and it's also why we recommend keeping on top of your routine medical check-ups, including triglycerides and cholesterol.

Get started today, and get yourself into optimal health through controlled weight loss and smart nutritional choices.

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