Missing a Day of the HCG Drops

If you miss a day of the HCG diet drops because you forgot, it’s ok. The HCG will not leave your system in one day. Continue to eat according to the HCG diet protocol. When you wake up in the morning, just make sure to resume your regular HCG drop schedule.

If you miss a day of taking the HCG drops because you planned to cheat, the same basic rules apply. Don’t take the HCG drops on your planned cheat day. (By the way, we don’t recommend a planned cheat day, but it won’t ruin your entire diet.)

Just have your cheat day, then resume the HCG diet as normal the following day. Everything should be fine. It will set your progress back a couple of days, but you will be back on track in no time as long as you stick to the HCG diet protocol properly

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