Phase 3 of the HCG Diet Plan

Phase 3 of the HCG diet plan sees you wrap up your 500-calorie, restricted diet. You need to be on the HCG drops for at least 21 days to totally reset your hypothalamus. If you've achieved the results you want by then, you can end the HCG diet plan protocol, but you should continue on the 500-calorie diet for another two days while the HCG drops are still in your system. The maximum length that you should be on the HCG drops is 45 days, which is why we offer a variety of packages of varying duration.

Take four weeks off and eat normally but avoid (always) starches and refined sugars. After four weeks, you can resume the diet if you need or desire to do so.

While off the HCG diet plan, monitor your weight. You shouldn't go more than one or two pounds either way. If you go above two pounds over your trigger weight, which you achieved through the HCG drops' resetting your hypothalamus and metabolism, go on a steak diet for one day. On this diet you drink tons of water all day and have a nice, juicy steak (with no trimmings) for dinner. The next day you should be back to your trigger weight. Happily, if you lose two pounds below your trigger weight, you can add a fourth meal to make up the weight, but as always, avoid starches and refined sugars.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Avoid starches and refined sugars
  • Avoid excessive exercise, which will prompt you to eat too much
  • Go on 30-minute walks if you feel the need to exercise, but the HCG diet plan does not require any exercise to be successful
  • Do not skip meals
  • Avoid over-the-counter medications
  • Check with your doctor on prescription medications
  • Avoid any food not mentioned on this HCG diet plan

Hunger Pains

Hunger pains can be felt on the first couple of days on the 500-calorie diet; this is fairly normal and should go away as you continue on the HCG diet plan. Remember to drink a gallon of water a day. If you find that your hunger pains appear regularly at a certain time each day, eat one of your allowed fruit courses 30 minutes before that time.


If you become constipated or feel like you're not losing weight on the HCG diet plan, devote one day to eating nothing but six apples--and be sure to consume a gallon of water.

Weighing Yourself

Throughout every phase of the HCG diet plan, and after you're on your maintenance program, you should weight yourself regularly but only in the morning, preferably before you eat and after a bowel movement. Weights vary through the day, so the morning should become your barometer. Try to use a digital scale so the readings are consistent.


Women who are menstruating should not restrict their diets but eat normally. However, you still should consume your HCG drops three times a day. If you stay on the 500-calorie diet, you will not feel right. You must eat healthily and normally until the menstruation period ends.

Make-up and Lotions

It is recommended, but not mandatory, that you avoid using any oil-based make-up or lotions during your HCG drops dieting. If you can find non-oil-based substances, that's better, but if you still must use oil-based make-up, it's not a diet killer. It just helps to avoid such substances.


Generally speaking, doses of HCG drops three times a day are sufficient, but everyone's body is different, and some people may find they need to increase their dosage up to even six or eight times a day. This is especially true if you find yourself getting hungry after two or three weeks on the diet. Let your body tell you what your dosage of HCG drops should be.

Working Out

Exercise is not necessary for the official HCG diet plan to work. However, if you do work out, then increase your caloric consumption up to 1,000 calories a day while still taking the HCG drops and eating only the foods listed in the HCG diet plan. If you work out on the 500-calorie plan, you will not like how you feel, so you must increase your consumption of food along the recommended guidelines of the HCG diet plan.

Ending the Diet

When you go off the HCG diet plan, remember to continue to weigh yourself daily and follow the routines outlined above if your weight rises or falls by more than two pounds. Also, since the HCG drops will still be regulating your hypothalamus for two days after you stop taking them, please be sure to stay on the 500-calorie plan for those two days. After that, remember to avoid starches and refined sugars and to continue consuming one-half to one gallon of water a day.

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