Plateaus and HCG Immunity: How to Know the Difference

One of the first things to remember about using the Official HCG Diet Plan is that your body will only shed weight until the last abnormal fat is gone, so beyond that point--even if you're determined to become Twiggy--the HCG diet drops won't work anymore. They're smarter than you and will protect you against your own desire to shed weight when and where you shouldn't. Another thing to remember is that everyone loses weight differently and at different rates, and some persons may experience natural interludes where the weigh loss isn't as noticeable or may even stop for a while.

That said, say you go on the Official 45-Day HCG Diet Plan, and around Day 33, you experience a lull in your weight loss that lasts a day or two. This can be quite normal. That's a sign that you should go on an apple day, when for the next 24 hours you eat nothing but six apples equally spread out time-wise and also consume only water. This will put you back on track.


If your weight remains steady with no loss for five or six days, this could be labeled a plateau, but again, its apple time. An immunity, if one should develop, will exhibit  additional symptoms such as sudden hunger pangs like you haven't experienced before; plus you'll develop an extreme feeling of weakness. These are signs that you need to take a break from the HCG diet protocol for the next six weeks to let your body adjust before undertaking the HCG regimen again.

It's important not to jump to conclusions, however, as every person's body reacts differently. When an immunity develops, it's really just your body telling you that it's had enough of excess fat burning and it wants to be pampered again with some nutrients to forget about all that HCG stuff. So during your six-week interlude, you should increase your consumption of food but stick to the principles of no starches and no sugars; plus continue the consumption of beaucoup water everyday. This will prepare your body for the next round of the Official HCG Diet Plan.

Another few cautionary notes: If you deviate from the diet as prescribed by the HCG protocol (cheat, in other words), or if you exercise, you will throw the whole Official HCG Diet Plan off kilter, and your weight loss won't occur as it should, and of course, you could then develop hunger pangs. This, however, is not the same thing as immunity. It's just you making some bad decisions.

Women have additional indicators to watch. If they're menstruating, the HCG diet drops will not be as effective. During menstruation, women retain water, which of course stalls the weight loss and can even lead to small weight gains, but this will go away after the period ends.Dr. A.T.W. Simeons advised women to go off HCG during their periods, but the only reason he offered was that hunger subsides during menstruation, so the extra Human Chorionic Gonadotropin isn't really necessary.

If you honestly do reach an immunity phase, you should segue into the Phase 3 maintenance plan, as mentioned earlier, for six weeks before commencing the HCG diet drops again. But at the first sign or a lull or plateau that lasts for two days or more (remember  to weigh yourself daily), the first step is an apple day. However, if you find yourself getting extremely weak and hungry (and you haven't cheated or exercised), and you've been on the Official HCG Diet Plan for 40 days or so, that's probably a sign that you could be developing an immunity. In that case, take the appropriate acton to replenish your body. It's maintenance time.

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