Plateaus on the HCG Diet

Sometimes, on the HCG diet, you might be losing a pound or two a day for a good couple of weeks. Then suddenly, one day, you stop. You’ve been doing the same thing as you were before, following the Dr. Simeons protocol exactly. What does this mean? Well, it could be several different things.

First, women tend to lose weight more irregularly than men. This is because of the hormonal changes their bodies go through on a monthly basis because of their menstrual cycles. Women tend to stall for a couple of days just before they begin their menstrual cycles.

Try having an apple day. During apple day, you consume only 6 apples during the entire day, as well as plenty of water. This should help to give your weight loss a bit of a kick in the pants and get it going again. If that doesn’t work, and this is your second or third time on the HCG diet, you could be experiencing HCG immunity. Click here to learn more about HCG immunity. 

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