If you are in the US, included APO/AE addresses, we are likely going to be able to ship the product to you. If placed before 4 PM (MST), Monday through Friday, we will ship your order same day, free of charge, and provide tracking on it. We do not ship on Saturday; all orders must be placed before 4 PM on Friday, and will be shipped the same day to you, excluding Saturday or Sunday, as deliveries are not guaranteed for these days. If you place your order after 4 PM MST, it will ship out same-day, if in the US, otherwise will be shipped standard mail, if shipping is to a different country. If you place an express order on the weekend, it won't ship until Monday; and, if you need shipping to a PO Box, it will be done through Express, since Next Day doesn't deliver to PO Boxes.

If you would like, you can track your order, with the tracking number, at

If you order internationally, certain fees might be included on the order; these are regulated by your foreign government, and if there are any fees, you are responsible to pay them on delivery. Like shopping in stores, this additional fee is comparable to a sales tax fee you would pay; but, since we do not charge our customers sales taxes, it is only used as a comparison basis for the possible international fees you pay. In our experience, you may not even be charged; we simply ask that if fines or fees are imposed, that you be ready to pay them upon the delivery. And, if you are not charged, then this is an added bonus to you. The delivery person won't leave a package without collecting the fees; and, if you refuse delivery, restock or other fees may be applied. Additionally, you won't be reimbursed for shipping once we get the product back to our warehouses.

"I wanted to thank you because the hcg arrived safely in Australia, and I began use today!! I'm very excited; it appears to offer concise and clear instructions both online as well as in the booklet that is included with the product. thx much!!" - Susan C. Sydney, Australia

Return Policy / Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied, you have the right to a full refund, no questions asked, if you return within 90 days. And, if there is an error made on our behalf (no matter what that error may be), or if you receive the wrong order, we will also pay for the return shipment, so you do not have to worry about any of these costs or fees. If you decide to return the product, simply go to our site, and click on your "my account" link; from there, you will select the option to return the product, and you will follow the directions that are on the page for making the refund. Once we receive the product back, we notify you through email, and let you know when processing the product is taking place, and we will give you details on when to expect the refund to be applied to your account.

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"This Company is the most professional Company that I have ever conducted business with. Their work ethics is top of the line. They are honest, courteous, reliable, quick and knowledgable.The support that they offer is incredible it doesn't matter at what time and what day they are there to immediately help with any and all issues in a friendly and personal manner. My purchase was received quickly and accurate, well packaged and everything as promised, the pertinent documents with my purchase were also received immediately, and when due to my system I was unable to download one of the documents they immediately responded with a different format for me to use and the issue was instantly resolved by them, I was totally impressed by everything this Company had to offer. I felt at ease and comfortable through the whole transaction if all the Companies out there were as honest and professisonal as this Company is there wouldn't be hesitant buyers.TThis Company is crystal clear about all of their selling practices, they put their money where their mouth is, they stand by their products, by their guarantee by their promotions everything that is stated in their website is actual and truthful, I don't have but only great things to say about my experience with this Company, and because of that I had to make it known to the public and I can guarantee that anyone that does business with this Company will enjoy a smooth, positive and extremely pleasant transaction. Thank you" - Lili

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