Snacking on the HCG Diet

On the HCG diet, you might miss things you used to eat before, like snacks in between meals. While you’re taking your HCG diet drops, you can still have a snack, just not the way you did before. Snacks are usually seen as salty or sweet foods that are easy to munch on.

On the HCG diet, a snack will look different. You will need to eat three meals a day on the HCG diet. You will have a lean protein and a serving of vegetables. You will also have a small serving of fruit with your meal. However, if you wish to have your fruit as a snack, that is also an option.

The HCG diet will teach you better eating habits by showing you how to count calories and portion out your food properly. If you stick to it, the HCG diet drops will work for you. 

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