Steak Day on the HCG Diet

When you finish the HCG diet, you will maintain your weight loss more easily if you watch what you eat and engage in moderate exercise. Sometimes, though your weight may slowly and quietly creep back on because of little mistakes, such as drinking too many non-water beverages, or having an extra helping of dinner.


If you do notice your weight creeping back on when you have finished, there is something you can do about it without having to do the HCG diet all over again. First, monitor your weight daily. That way, if you do gain a little weight back, you can catch it early, before it becomes too many pounds to manage. Second, have what is known as a “Steak Day.” Steak day is this: eat nothing until dinner. At dinner time, have a large steak cooked in butter or oil, plus a tomato or an apple. By the next morning, you should be right back on your target weight.


Ladies, if you are within a couple of days of your menstrual cycle, remember that you will naturally gain anywhere from 2-8 pounds. Don’t stress, as this is just water weight and you should be back to normal by the end of your menstrual cycle. If not, then you may want to have a steak day.

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