Stevia as a Sweetener on the HCG Diet Plan

You may have heard that Stevia is the only acceptable sweetener on the HCG diet. Why is this, and what is Stevia? Stevia is an all-natural sweetener extracted from—what else?—the Stevia plant. It’s a South American herb that has been used as a sweetener for many, many years. It comes in a large variety of flavors, so there’s something for everyone doing the HCG diet.

Stevia is a zero-calorie sweetener, so you could really add it to many different things while you’re taking your HCG diet drops, such as tea, coffee, even different recipes. When you’re on the HCG diet, it can be hard to suddenly go without things you used to love, such as sweets. If you’re having a craving for sweets, try a cup of green tea flavored with Stevia.

Or maybe a small serving of cottage cheese with strawberries and Stevia for a healthy dessert. It’s easy to eat healthy as long as you do your research about what you can eat on the HCG diet and stick to it. 

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