Surviving the Holidays on the HCG Diet

The holidays are a lovely time filled with family, fun, and most of all, food. That’s where you’ll run into trouble. Though the holidays are a way off, here are a few tips to help you make it through the holidays on your HCG diet drops.


If you’re headed to a gathering where there will be a lot of food, consider eating beforehand or bringing your own food with you. Simply take the host aside and explain that it’s not their cooking, it’s that you have special dietary needs. Remember to take your HCG drops consistently. 


Another thing that’s very important to remember: don’t cheat! If you’re going to do the HCG diet during the holidays, stick to it, or wait until after the holidays are over. Either way, cheating is a waste of your time, as it will impede your weight loss greatly.


If you decide to skip the HCG diet until after the holidays, consider not eating big portions like you normally might. Cutting down on portion size can help you keep your weight in check until you start the HCG diet.

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