Tips for Shedding Those Stubborn Pounds on the Official HCG Diet Plan

If you've been on the HCG diet plan for a while, you've probably heard about days and steak days. An apple day is used when you reach a plateau and the weight stops coming off. To get the weight loss going again, you do nothing but eat six large apples for one day (while still taking the HCG diet drops, of course). A steak day is usually reserved for the maintenance phase of your diet when you're off the HCG drops and between diet phases. A steak day is one in which you consume nothing but one steak for the whole day. This is recommended if you've gained two pounds from your optimal weight after you've stopped the HCG diet drops.

Of course, on both apple days and steak days -- and on all days during all phases of the Official HCG Diet Plan -- you must consume copious amounts of water, generally one ounce a day for each pound you weigh. Sometimes that may not even be ideal. You can judge by how well you're doing on your HCG diet.

People who have experience with the HCG diet also have some other recommendations to optimize your weight loss. For instance, some people recommend choosing grapefruit as your fruit option at least one time per day.  Dieters who do this daily report a gain in their weight loss.

Some other "speed" tips may be harder to incorporate, depending on one's desires and inclinations. Some dieters say to eliminate all artificial sweeteners, and others say to chose only lean white fish and shrimp for the protein portion of your daily HCG diet.

Water is really important, going all the way back to the original HCG diet developed by Dr. A..T.W. Simeons. The Official HCG Diet Plan certainly recommends consuming large amounts of water. Not only does water help speed the effects of the HCG diet, but it also is one of the more healthful steps you can take for your body and your health.

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