What Losing 20 Pounds Can Mean for Your Health

In America in this day and age, let's face it -- being 20 pounds overweight is not all that unusual. In fact, many studies show a much greater prevalence of obesity in the United States that a mere 20 pounds would indicate.

If you feel you've gained too much weight, or you just know that you weigh more than you should, the first thing to do is check your BMI (body mass index). This can be a startling revelation, as a number greater than 30 means you've packed on enough fat that you're now considered obese. (Several online tools will help you determine your BMI.)

Shocking fact: It's not that hard to achieve a BMI of more than 30!

Though we at the Official HCG Diet Plan are confident that our regimen, based on a common-sense, low-calorie diet coupled with taking HCG diet drops, will enable anyone to drop 20, 30, 40, 50 and even more pounds, the starting point for many may be to realize that losing even 20 pounds can have a tremendous benefit on one's health.

Two of the greatest risks to your health from gaining weight are heart disease and diabetes. The extra weight can exert a tremendous extra strain on your heart, making it work harder, to say nothing of the possibility that your arteries can get clogged and other deleterious effects can occur. Plus, the connection between being overweight and contracting type 2 diabetes has been clearly shown.

In fact, many of the Official HCG Diet Plan attest to the fact that losing weight has enabled these dieters to shed their diabetes medications at the same time as they lost weight.

Studies have shown that shedding 20 pounds (from any starting point) can lead to a 50 percent decrease in the risk from heart disease -- and in a 70 percent decrease in the potential for getting type 2 diabetes.

Think of that: Many of us have been carrying around an extra 12, 15 or 20 pounds for years and keep telling ourselves that someday we'll go on a diet and lose the extra weight.

Well, now we have good reason to begin that process of shedding those pounds: Our very health is at stake.

With the Official HCG Diet Plan, losing 20 pounds is usually an easy first step, so if that's your only goal, you'll be able to achieve it in quick order. The beauty of the HCG diet, however, is that you can keep going and lose two or even three or four times that number of pounds if you keep going.

Get started today on the Official HCG Diet Plan and see how easy it can be to start losing weight -- and regaining your good health in the process!

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