What's a Plateau

What is a plateau, and how do I get over it? If you’ve been on the HCG diet for a couple of weeks, then you’ve probably already lost some weight. Congratulations! After a short time, however, some people hit what is called a “plateau.” This just means that their weight loss has stalled or slowed down drastically. There can be several reasons for this.

1)      You have been overeating. Maybe you thought you could get away with half an ounce extra of chicken or fish. Well, you can’t. The measurements are there for a reason: they work! Follow them. Don’t cheat.

2)      If you have already done the HCG diet before with success, then it’s possible that you didn’t take a long enough break in between cycles and have developed HCG immunity. In that case, click here.

If these reasons do not apply to you, then you may want to do an Apple Day. Click here for more information. 

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