When Can I Restart the HCG Diet if I Want to Lose More Weight?

HCG dieters finishing the first round of the official HCG diet plan and wishing to lose more than 34 pounds overall need to be concerned that they may be developing an HCG immunity; therefore, a nice break is necessary. Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, founder of the HCG diet, recommended an interval of six weeks between the first round and the second round:

"Patients requiring the loss of more than 34 lbs. must have a second or even more courses. A second course can be started after an interval of not less than six weeks, though the pause can be more than six weeks. When a third, fourth or even fifth course is necessary, the interval between courses should be made progressively longer. Between a second and third course eight weeks should elapse, between a third and fourth course twelve weeks, between a fourth and fifth course twenty weeks and between a fifth and sixth course six months. In this way it is possible to bring about a weight reduction of 100 lbs. and more if required without the least hardship to the patient."

Now with HCG diet drops, however, the first round can be extended with the necessary guidance that we provide.

The official HCG diet plan has well-spelled-out 15-day, 21-day, 45-day, and 90-day diet plans that take into account all the dangers of immunity and guide you accordingly.

Feel free to consult with us online to tailor your own diet-weight-loss-goal plan.

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