Why Official HCG Diet Plan Doesn't Auto-Renew

Ever notice how many health and beauty product sites will offer incredible deals up front—from free products to free shipping and everything in between—but then they gloss over the fine print that they're recording your credit card information to refill your order each month whether you want it or not.

Often, this auto-refill detail will appear as fine print, or as a checkbox on the order form that has been pre-checked and says something like, "Yes, please refill my order for this incredible product every month so that I can continue to enjoy its benefits." Or wordsto that effect. Meanwhile, by the time you receive your refill (that you don't want), you realize you've been sucker punched.

We at official HCG diet plan don't do that for one very good reason: We don't consider our customers suckers nor our products as something less than serious weight-loss and health-renewal products that customers will naturally decide to reorder. We're being honest with you about our HCG diet drops and other products, and to prove that, we've backloaded everything with our incredible money-back-$10 guarantee if you're not satisfied.

We have that much faith in our official HCG diet plan and the HCG drops upon which it is based that we can give you that measure of satisfaction guaranteed or your money back—plus $10.

We consistently strive to earn your trust the old-fashioned way—by providing world-class products backed by world class customer service that you can find nowhere else.

So, when you start your 21-Day HCG Diet Plan (the best way for the individual to get started) or the Couples HCG Diet Plan (if you and a loved one or friend decide to embark together), you can rest assured that you're in good hands.

When you decide to renew your order (which you will once you see the results), we're there to help you. We don't need to auto-refill, nor do you want us to.

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