Yo-Yo Dieting No Bar to Permanent Weight Loss

Perhaps some people who learn of the Official HCG Diet Plan will shrug it off as another fad whereby people "lose 20 pounds and gain 20 back when they go off it," becoming eventual diet losers who can never get rid of their excess fat.

Now, while it is no doubt true that any dieter who goes on a diet but doesn't apply the lessons from that diet to future success can easily regain any lost pounds, a new study has found that yo-yo dieting doesn't affect future diet success -- or one's health.

A common belief holds that yo-yo dieting builds up diet-resistant fat that can be nearly impossible for future efforts to shed. Many people also believe that yo-yo dieting wreaks havoc on one's organs and overall health.


In both cases, however, a recent study by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center has found that these beliefs are simply not true. Yo-yo dieting doesn't cause harm to the body's organs or healthy functioning, nor does it create impossible-to-lose fat.

The study was recently published in the respected journal Metabolism, and it confirms HCG diet founder Dr. A.T.W. Simeons' observations that weight gain is a result of life-style choices that can morph into a disease.

At any rate, this study also confirms that a focused diet such as the one developed by Dr. Simeons can indeed shed even those stubborn pounds that have been yo-yo'd many times in the past.

Indeed, the Official HCG Diet Plan -- based on Dr. Simeons' research and findings -- has an edge up on most every other diet in that the HCG diet drops consumed as an integral part of the diet actually direct one's metabolism to attack the most stubborn areas of bodily fat -- while leaving the "good" fat intact.

You don't have to take our word for it. Our site contains the testimonials of many "skeptics" who are now 10, 20, 30, 50, even 100 pounds lighter -- and infinitely healthier -- as a result of HCG diet drops and the Official HCG Diet Plandespite their "yo-yo" results of the past.

Get off the yo-yo and give the Official HCG Diet Plan a try today.

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