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Unlock Your Weight Loss Success with HCG Drops and the Official HCG Diet Plan

HCG Diet Plan

Unlock Your Weight Loss Success with HCG Drops and the Official HCG Diet Plan

“The great advantage of the HCG diet plan is that you can follow it with confidence, knowing that you are on a medically supervised program under the care of a trained physician.” – Dr. A.T.W. Simeons

Welcome to Phase 3 of the HCG Diet Plan, where your weight loss journey reaches a triumphant milestone. If you’re looking to shed those extra pounds and achieve your dream body, look no further. With the Official HCG Diet Plan protocol and HCG Drops from, your path to success is paved with scientific precision and remarkable results.

Are you ready to discover the secrets of this groundbreaking diet plan? Let’s dive in!

Phase 3 of the HCG diet plan is the culmination of your 500-calorie, restricted diet. To effectively reset your hypothalamus, it’s crucial to be on the HCG drops for a minimum of 21 days. If you’ve achieved your desired results by then, you can conclude the HCG diet plan protocol. However, it’s essential to continue the 500-calorie diet for an additional two days to ensure the HCG drops complete their impact on your system. Keep in mind that the maximum recommended duration for taking HCG drops is 45 days, which is why we offer various package options to suit your needs.

After completing the HCG diet plan, take a well-deserved four-week break and indulge in a normal eating routine. Just remember to steer clear of starches and refined sugars during this period. After the four weeks, if necessary or desired, you can resume the diet to reach your ultimate goals.

While you’re off the HCG diet plan, it’s crucial to monitor your weight closely. Ideally, your weight should not deviate by more than one or two pounds. If you find yourself exceeding this threshold, fear not! We have a solution that will satisfy your cravings and bring you back on track—a delightful, juicy steak day. Simply drink plenty of water throughout the day and savor a mouthwatering steak for dinner (without any trimmings). The next day, you’ll find yourself happily back at your trigger weight. On the flip side, if you drop two pounds below your trigger weight, treat yourself to an extra meal to maintain the balance—just remember to avoid starches and refined sugars.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Avoid starches and refined sugars
  • Avoid excessive exercise, which will prompt you to eat too much
  • Take 30-minute walks if you feel the need to exercise, but remember that the HCG diet plan does not require intense workouts for success
  • Do not skip meals
  • Avoid over-the-counter medications
  • Consult your doctor regarding prescription medications
  • Avoid any food not mentioned in the HCG diet plan

Overcoming Challenges on the HCG Diet Plan

Hunger Pains:

Experiencing hunger pains during the initial days of the 500-calorie diet is normal. These discomforts tend to diminish as you progress on the HCG diet plan. Stay hydrated by consuming a gallon of water each day. If you notice hunger pains consistently striking at a certain time, indulge

in one of your permitted fruit courses 30 minutes before that time for relief.


If you encounter constipation or feel like your weight loss has hit a plateau on the HCG diet plan, dedicate a day to consuming six apples and be sure to drink a gallon of water. This fiber-rich fruit will help alleviate constipation and promote further weight loss.

Weighing Yourself:

Throughout every phase of the HCG diet plan and even after transitioning to the maintenance program, regular weigh-ins are essential. To ensure accurate readings, weigh yourself only in the morning, preferably before eating and after a bowel movement. Since weights fluctuate throughout the day, mornings provide the most reliable measurements. Using a digital scale will help maintain consistency.


For women who are menstruating, it’s important not to restrict your diet. Eat healthily and normally during this period, while continuing to consume your HCG drops three times a day. Following the 500-calorie diet during menstruation may disrupt your well-being. Simply resume the diet plan once your menstrual cycle concludes.

Make-up and Lotions:

While it is recommended to avoid oil-based make-up or lotions during your HCG drops dieting phase, it is not mandatory. Opt for non-oil-based alternatives if possible, but don’t worry if you can’t find them. The use of oil-based make-up won’t sabotage your progress, but it’s always best to minimize exposure to such substances.


The general guideline is to take HCG drops three times a day. However, everyone’s body is unique, and some individuals may require an increased dosage, up to six or eight times a day. This adjustment is particularly relevant if hunger strikes after a couple of weeks on the diet. Listen to your body and let it guide you to determine the ideal dosage of HCG drops.

Working Out:

While exercise is not necessary for the Official HCG diet plan to work its magic, if you choose to work out, it’s essential to increase your caloric consumption to 1,000 calories a day. Remember to continue taking the HCG drops and stick to the approved foods listed in the HCG diet plan. Neglecting this adjustment while on the 500-calorie plan can lead to discomfort, so make sure to follow the recommended guidelines.

Embracing Life After the HCG Diet Plan

As you bid farewell to the HCG diet plan, it’s vital to maintain a vigilant eye on your weight and embrace the routines outlined above. If your weight fluctuates beyond two pounds, take appropriate measures to address the situation. Additionally, as the HCG drops continue regulating your hypothalamus for two days after discontinuing usage, remain committed to the 500-calorie plan during this period. Beyond that, remember to avoid starches and refined sugars, while consistently hydrating yourself with half to one gallon of water daily.

Your transformation journey awaits—get ready to unveil the best version of yourself with the Official HCG Diet Plan and HCG Drops!


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