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Does HCG Work?

Almost daily we receive email success stories of customers trying the diet program who can say yes, HCG works! Many see results within the first week. Read some of the approved HCG testimonials below and learn about the amazing results our clients have seen.

“I ordered my Official HCG Diet Drops from the Official HCG Diet Plan at on March 10th, 2011 at 8 am after reading all the helpful information on their website and received my drops the very next day. The price was reasonable and the customer support is great.
Now on my very low calorie day 36, I have lost 28 pounds and am very satisfied with this product and am grateful for all of the information about the product and drops that is available on the website. I have recommended Official HCG Diet Drops from Official HCG Diet Plan to several friends and a couple of them have already ordered drops and they’ve been losing pounds too. I continue to talk about this great, effective product and drops so that my friends can also lose the weight they’ve been wanting to for years but have been struggling to do so until now.
On top of having a great product, Official HCG Diet Plan offers an incentive for past customers who recommend their product! Thank you Official HCG Diet Plan!”


Check out their prices, product, and free shipping. This is the product we have been using and loosing on.

Darla 32 round 2 goal met
Connie 10 round 1 goal met
Dannie 19 ongoing
Amie 22.5 round 1 ongoing
Jeff 10 round 1 ongoing 4 days
Lisa 20 round 1 ongoing 15 days
Ruth Ann 17 round 1 goal met
Carrie’s mother in law 100 pounds
Carrie’s father in law 70 pounds
Carrie 25 pounds round 2 goal met
Connie 42 round 3 goal met “


“Thanks to’s help and their awesome e-mail support, I have lost 22 pounds in my first round of the Official HCG Diet Plan…I have 6 days left and have never felt better.

I plan on doing 2 more rounds to reach my goal weight…to anyone who is hesitant…DO IT! You will be so glad you did, and one month of small sacrifices pays off for life. It is so much easier than I thought!”


“I was skeptical at first about it but since I had seen a few people around me experience success with it, I decided…”why not?”. I purchased my Homeopathic HCG from over two weeks ago. I waited after my birthday to begin and so I started last weekend with my first two binge days. I had already lost 7 lbs on my own through exercise and watching my food intake, I couldn’t believe how much weight I had gained by taking the drops and eating everything in sight for Phase I. After losing those 7 lbs, I was scared because it took me so long to lose it that I was afraid that I would not be able to lose it again on the HCG. Skeptical or not, I went for it. I started strictly on the drops and taking the drops religiously and the first day I dropped 3 lbs., 2nd day 4 lbs, 3rd day 2 lbs, 4th day 1 lb. and 5th day 2 lbs. I am on my 6th day now and had a slight gain of .4 lbs but that is because I didn’t drink a whole lot of water yesterday and although I followed some of the drops, I didn’t eat a whole lot of salad either and didn’t have my fruit. Back on it again, strict as ever. I have not been able to lose 12 lbs. in 5 days doing any kind of exercise or drops EVER!!! Seeing these results just motivates me to keep going. The drops was a little hard at first but if you look online there are many options in terms of food as long as you are not close minded about your options. My suggestion is that if the results are this good, that you open your mind and try it out yourself. What do you have to lose? I was skeptical, but I am skeptical no longer. I have another 27 lbs. pounds yet to lose and I will be at my target weight! What are you waiting for?”


“Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve made my goal weight in just 25 days. I dropped 26 pounds in this period of time and I have never felt better. The last time I was in the 170s was during my first year of marriage 23 years ago. Why did I wait so long. LOL! Thank you Official HCG Diet Plan.”


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