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  • FREE SAME DAY SHIPPING (Must order before 4 PM MST)
  • 1x Bottle of Energy+ 120 Capsules (120 Day Supply)
  • The Official HCG Diet Weight Loss Program Guide – (PDF)
  • Original Pounds & Inches ebook – (PDF)
  • Best HCG Recipes eBook – (PDF)
  • Original Weight Loss Log – (PDF)

About Our Energy+: Multivitamin & Appetite Suppressant

Specially formulated for use with the Official HCG Diet Protocol!

Our ingredients provide a blend of energy support from a Vitamin B complex built right into every capsule.

Also, to further increase energy, quicken perception, and increase endurance we include Guarana, known best on the market as “the natural caffeine”, to boost energy while on the HCG diet. Guarana is also said to be a natural aphrodisiac.

  • 1250mg Multivitamin & Appetite Suppressant
  • Clinically Validated Ingredients
  • Formulated to Ensure Maximum Energy
  • Formulated to Support Appetite Suppression and Further Assist Fat Assimilation
  • Quickens Perceptions
  • Helps with Endurance Based Activities
  • Helps Recovery from Hangover
  • Promotes Normal Insulin Function
  • Promotes Normal Cholesterol Levels
  • Promotes Lean Body Mass
  • Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health
  • Promotes Healthy Weight Management
  • Active Ingredients:
    • Vitamin A
    • Thiamine
    • Vitamin B2
    • Niacin
    • Vitamin B6
    • Biotin
    • Glucomannan Powder
    • Guarana

Everyone’s body is different and essentially our diet protocol is one of the most effective weight loss treatments on the market today.  Our body makes a significant adjustment when it switches to 500 calories and this is the perfect product to assure that the process feels 100% natural. Energy+ is a new all-natural formula that is receiving rave reviews for addressing the multiple factors that can lead to healthy weight loss.

Energy+ blend of potent natural ingredients has been shown in controlled clinical trials to boost fat burning, improve fat metabolism, convert protein into lean muscle, and turn sugar into an available energy source. Remarkably, it has shown evidence to even block the absorption of up to 25% of dietary fat when taken with meals. Some weight loss products contain synthetic chemicals that pose the risk of uncomfortable or embarrassing gastrointestinal side effects. Those side effects do not accompany this product. There are no reported side effects of Energy+ since it is formulated from safe, natural ingredients that also provide valuable dietary nutrients.

This product is clinically proven to help amplify every aspect of the HCG Diet Protocol.  Whether it is to further suppress appetite, or provide energy support.  Look no further for all the support needed for you to succeed!

to stand by its products? We are!

Why Order From Official HCG?

Because you will be taking in this product daily you should be sure that it is safe and the source is reputable. You need a source that assures you of their products’ quality and vows to keep their word concerning their 90-Day Guarantee and will not give excuses but just pay you back your money. In addition to having faith in our products, we have also highlighted some important information about our programs:

We value your choice to use our HCG products and therefore we will keep on giving you the best services and support. That’s our promise.

Note: Dramatic weight loss is experienced by a few users, but any guarantee of weight loss for everyone is not promised. Going on a diet that contains very low calorie should be done only under the supervision of a medical professional. Additionally, there is no proof that weight loss from HCG intake is more than what can be achieved with recommended restriction on calorie intake. People who remain on a diet containing very low calories face risks of side effects that include electrolyte imbalance, gallstone formation, and heart arrhythmias.

99 reviews for Official Diet Plan Energy +

  1. Aiden M.

    Since using this product, I’ve noticed an improvement in my metabolism. It’s been a key factor in my weight loss journey. Highly recommend it!

  2. Zoe S.

    I love the energizing effect of Official Diet Plan Energy +, and the taste is delicious too! It’s a win-win for me, and I look forward to taking it every day.

  3. Brandon

    I was worried that I would feel jittery, but this is the perfect kind of energy.

  4. Evelyn R.

    I was skeptical at first, but this product has blown me away with its energy-boosting abilities. It’s become a daily essential for me.

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