45 Day (4oz) Official HCG Diet Drops Program

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45 Day (4oz) Official HCG Diet Drops Program

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  • FREE SAME-DAY SHIPPING (Must order before 4 PM MST)
  • 1x 45 Day (4oz) Bottle of Homeopathic HCG Diet Drops (with Vitamin B12 Supplement & NO alcohol)
  • The Official HCG Diet Weight Loss Program Guide – (PDF)
  • Original Pounds & Inches ebook – (PDF)
  • Best HCG Recipes eBook – (PDF)
  • Original Weight Loss Log – (PDF)

About Our Official 45 Day HCG Diet Program

Like the 21 day plan, this Diet Program offers you the opportunity to lose a good amount of weight, in 45 days; this is perfect if you do not have the time to exercise, and are constantly on the go for work. You will be a new person, and you don’t have to consider surgical alterations; and, within the first couple of weeks, you are going to notice certain changes, which will keep you motivated and keep you going on the plan.

Phases of the Official HCG Diet Plan:

The dieting plan itself is divided into three phases so as to allow one to measure his or her level of success throughout the entire process. Here is a brief look at what each of the phases will be like:

  • First Phase: The initiation phase of the HCG Diet Plan is concentrated around teaching you how to make proper use of the HCG drops. The phase really lasts only two days, and you are actually encouraged to eat to your heart’s content while drinking up to one gallon of water per day (no less than half a gallon though).
  • Second Phase: Once the first phase has been completed things will be set in full motion. As the phase continues the amount of calories you eat will gradually decrease, allowing you to shed extra fat and continue on your way to a healthy body.
  • Third Phase: This is the phase where the plan sets itself apart from the myriad of fad diets saturating the market these days. After 45 days (or whenever you reach your target weight), you will start to follow what is referred to as the maintenance cycle. In other words, once you have dropped the weight, you will be given the means to keep it that way and prevent yourself from going back to square one. While you are in maintenance mode there is no longer a calorie limit for you to abide by; you will have to simply drink lots of water and carefully watch what you eat.

Why Order From Official HCG?

Because you will be taking in this product daily you should be sure that it is safe and the source is reputable. You need a source that assures you of their products’ quality and vows to keep their word concerning their 90-Day Guarantee and will not give excuses but just pay you back your money. In addition to having faith in our products, we have also highlighted some important information about our programs:

We value your choice to use our HCG products and therefore we will keep on giving you the best services and support. That’s our promise.

Note: Dramatic weight loss is experienced by a few users, but any guarantee of weight loss for everyone is not promised. Going on a diet that contains very low calorie should be done only under the supervision of a medical professional. Additionally, there is no proof that weight loss from HCG intake is more than what can be achieved with recommended restriction on calorie intake. People who remain on a diet containing very low calories face risks of side effects that include electrolyte imbalance, gallstone formation, and heart arrhythmias.

Product Reviews

  1. Deborah L.

    I have used these drops on several occasions and always loose weight. I have lost 10 lbs in the last 7 days. Feel great and watching my tummy shrink. Highly recommend these HCG drops from this website. You can trust getting a quality product for a reasonable price.

  2. Andrea

    I am getting ready to start my 3rd and final round. My second round ended before Thanksgiving. I have lost 65 pounds so far and kept it off even though Thansgiving and Christmas. My family is so amazed and proud.

  3. Mary

    I am a pretty healthy eater and have always watched what I ate but a year ago my weight just kept increasing and no matter what I did I couldn’t get it off. I ordered HCG and lost the 20 lbs I wanted and kept most of it off. I had put 3 lbs back on after holidays and ordered more and off it came. It has been a wonderful product!!!!

  4. Ancy

    Just into 3 days lost 6.6 lbs. More to go..

  5. Dena

    I started using this after watching my cousin who just turned 50 drop 45-50 pounds. She looked so good I had to try for myself. I am moving a little slower than she did, but the weight is coming off. Easy to follow but sometimes wish more veggies were allowed. This is probably where I am getting slower.

  6. CLR

    Just started the 45 day program. Drops have no taste which is awesome, no jitters, no side effects…tomorrow will start day 3…will write another review after my first week is done. I look forward to see what results this product will give.

  7. Lauren

    I did the 21 day program, and lost 20 pounds. Then, I went on phase 3 for three weeks, and started the 45 day program five days ago. I’ve lost another five pounds since starting it again! I feel great, and have plenty of energy. My clothes all are fitting so loose, it’s time to go buy new ones!

  8. Amazonian Queen

    This is my first time using Official HCG after using doctor prescribed & monitored version last year: 4th day into 45 day plan & here’s the verdict: 1. No mouth burning like the Dr’s version because no alcohol or taste 2. 10x the energy with NO lethargy like the Dr’s version 3. A full 6x cheaper than the Dr’s version! 4. 7 lbs gone in 2 days (after the 2 pig out days) So far, AMAZING

  9. LSB

    HCG really does work. I lost 22 pounds so far and I love the way I feel and look. HCG has changed the way I view food. I eat so healthy now and don’t crave the sugar. Finding HCG was the best thing I have ever done for m body.

  10. R. LEISER

    In Dec. of 2010 I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. After a second, and third opinion from Oncologist,I opted for Robotic Surgery from the Huntsman Cancer Center in Salt Lake City, UT. On the 17th of March 2011, the Dr. was ready, I was ready! However, because of my weight at the time (280 lbs. @ 6′), I was too heavy for the robotic surgery. The Dr. told me to come back in ninety-days, after I lost some weight, the more weight the better! I told him I would be ready the end of April, 2011! He didn’t believe me! When I went back for my consultation on April 19th, he was shocked!! I had lost 21 lbs.,and my energy level was much higher than before. He asked me how I did it and I told him I was on the HCG DIET PLAN! I had me surgery on the 27th of April 2011. A month later at my first post-surgery visit, I had lost another 12 pounds! I looked great, and I felt great! The only statement my Dr. made was to GET OFF THAT DIET, NOW, BECAUSE IT CAUSES BLOOD CLOTS AFTER APPROX. 30 TO 45 DAYS! He didn’t want any blood clots appearing during my surgery! It’s been over a year now (May 2012), and I’m back on HCG because I’ve had a knee replacement and haven’t been mobile yet to burn off the food I’m consuming! THE HCG DIET WORKS, AND IT’S NOT HARD TO STAY WITH IT, I’M PROOF OF THAT.

  11. Jenny

    Very happy with the weight loss without hunger. First three days and down 8 lbs. I started at 160 and would like to go to 130. I believe I can do this and then contine to eat healthy, smaller portions. I feel like a walking advertisement. You need to try this, especially if all other diets have failed. The quich weight loss really keeps you motivated.

  12. Debra C.

    Day 5 and I have lost 5 lbs. All I can say is WOW! I have found if I just drink gobs of tea all morning, have my veggie and protein for lunch than a fruit around 3pm, then veggie and protein at dinner and save my last fruit and 2 melba toast for night I make it through the day!! I feel energy like I haven’t in years and I am able to just get right up in the morning. I have never been so excited to get on the scale!

  13. Cathy Ginder

    First round of the 45 day diet I lost 42 pounds and kept it off during the maintenance period (using the amintenance drops) Me and my sister did the diet together doing the 500 calories/day calorie plan. I started my second round of drops today but I will be doing the 1000 calories/day so I can continue going to the gym. I’ve gone down four sizes on my clothes!!! Hopefully by the end of this 45 day period I will be where i want to be.

  14. Rebecca R

    I just finished my drops and I am starting phase three I have lost 33lbs in 45 days I am four sizes smaller I still have more to loose and I will take a break and start again I thought it was easy to do. I was not hungry ever I drank one gallon of water a day I still will continue to drink the water.my favorite dish was a hamburger patty with a sliced tomatoe on the side an hour later I would eat half a grapefruit. I slept very well every night. No side effects.

  15. shelia m

    im amased….this is my second day with just 500calories and i cant believe im not at all hungry. its hard to finish all my food!!!!

  16. Nicole

    I am on day 6 an have already dropped 7 pounds. Cant wait to see the end result, first few days are the hardest but after that its a piece of cake 🙂

  17. Dawn

    I have NEVER lost weight like this and kept it off!!! I am starting again to finish what I started and get rid of the last few (25) lbs. and then go shopping for my new clothes. After I lost the first 30 I knew I had more to lose so I didn’t shop but after I’m done with these 25 lbs I’m shopping and can’t wait!!! Love this product!! BTW before starting the HCG I had everyday heartburn and now I have NONE life is good!!

  18. Margie

    This is my second time taking the Official HCG drops and I absolutely love it. I lost 50 pounds last summer and I just started Monday and have lost 10 pounds on Friday. Not only am I losing the weight but I’ve learned how to cook and eat healthy. I’ve struggled all my life with weight, I’ve tried every diet and nothing ever worked, but I’ve lost it and kept it off. I only have 18 lbs left to go!!! Thank You so MUCH!!!

  19. Kendra

    It’s unbelievable how great this product is.. I was very skeptical at first but referred by a friend,. I’m so glad I listened I instantly saw results within the first few days and I’ve never seen results like this. I recommend this product to any and everyone I know

  20. lorraine

    two weeks, down 10 pounds. i’m feeling great and would encourage anyone to try this program.

  21. Melissa D.

    I have always been an athlete and thin, but after my last baby (baby 4) I had an emergency c-section and this baby weight wasn’t coming off. I was dieting and running and stuck at 176 lbs at 5 9. I was wearing a size 10 to 12 for almost two years after baby and heard about HCG. I have never had to try a diet and this worked. It got my metabolism back to the way it was. I lost 45lbs. Started in April and had all my weight off by June. I am back into size 4 and I can wear my clothes in the closet again!!! So happy that at 36 and four kids I was going to stuck at that weight. With HCG you can have that teenage body back!!!

  22. Heather

    I just started this diet 3 days ago and I have already lost 6.2 pounds. It works great and I don’t feel hungry like the other wanna-be HCG diets.

  23. Daniel. Midlands UK

    I was very sceptical at first did the two days filling my face Then began the diet very difficult I thought as I Have 3 sugars and drink 4ltrs of pepsie max a day and that would have to change…….But wow I did it 2st in 22 days I was 16st 10lbs 38w 49c I’m now 14.10 34w 44c and I have been off the diet one month And have put no waight back on. Try it you won’t be disappointed Just don’t cheat as that’s your fault not the program and you too will see the new you xxxx

  24. V. Robinson

    Stories are great. Prepared lunches for all week for convenience. Requested printed materials forward & response from customer service was quick & professional. Also, customer service quickly responded to questions on other veggies, broccoli and b. spouts.

  25. Christine

    After trying every diet with no success (and not because I was not following it) due to a slow thyroid and heart problem, I decided to try hcg. I am down 13 lbs. in 15 days. Its truly amazing. I am not hungry, no cravings and I plan to continue until I lose 30-40 lbs. Glad I tried it. I feel great, am not tired, and my back pains are disappearing. I would highly recommend.

  26. Sandi

    This HCG diet is a so good!The drops work so well, I’m not hungry have energy and lost 42 lbs so far and stating second round!I have tried every diet out there and never got the results in such a short time..Amazing!Its just so awesome to get on the scale every morning and watch the weight go down every day..whooooh!

  27. Jessica

    This product is amazing! I have been struggling with my weight for years! I have lost the 45 pounds and have kept it off for 3 months and just started my second bottle, I can’t wait to finally reach my goal weight!

  28. Carla H.

    I lost 7.2 pounds in the first week…I have never seen results like this!

  29. Kim Mac

    I am on day 3 of the diet phase and have lost 3 pounds so far, hopefully this will continue for the 45 days. The diet is not hard to follow, i haven’t been hungry yet!! That is just amazing. I will review when i complete the 45 days, hopefully i will be at my goal by then.

  30. Theresa

    And a warrior for Official Hcg. I used Official Hcg for my first round of weight loss and did great. I lost 25 lbs. with no hunger and so much energy. Decided to try to save a little money and tried another brand for the second round and stayed hungry all the time and felt generally weak, so I finished the round with the leftover Official Hcg that I had and was right back on track. Starting my third and hopefully final round to lose the last 20 lbs. and am absolutely using Official Hcg.

  31. Phyllis

    I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve had using HCG drops.I lost 25 lbs. the 1st 6 weeks.I’ve been off the drops 10 weeks and stayed within 5lbs. during summer vacation and parties. Now I started my second round and have lost 4lbs.in 5 days with 20 lbs. to my goal weight.I can stay with the plan because I don’t get that hungry feeling and love the results.

  32. Karen Morrissey

    Love this product! It works! So far been on it for five days and lost nine pounds! Choices are limited but if you find updated products you can work around some limitations:)

  33. Tosha

    I been on the HCG diet since April 28 and My my first 45 days down 45 pounds. and I started my second 45 days July 4 down 42 pounds this is the best weight lost product that gives results fast.

  34. Scott L.

    I have been on the protocol before and this is my second time through. The first time I lost 37 lbs. in 36 days. This time I am down 18 (In 20 days) with my total weight loss at 55 lbs. My goal is to lose 100 lbs. total. I have 20 more days to lose an additional 20 this time and the next 25 will be through exercise and the maintainance plan. I had my bllod pressure checked yesterday and I was back in the normal range. I Love HCG!

  35. Colleen

    Very pleased with this product! My husband and I have used your product on more than one occasion and have ALWAYS had positive results!!

  36. Brenda L.

    I have been using and recommending this product for a year now and have lost 110 lbs with 35 left to go and highly recommend this product to everyone that has seen my progress and comment to me about it. I am frequently asked if there are any side effects. I have had no side effects other than having to buy new clothes constantly. (I can think of worse things.) It takes will power and planning but it is well worth it.

  37. Linda Filippon

    This is an excellent product. I have tried another one and it had a peppermint taste to it and did not work. This one I keep returning to as it actually works and you are not hungry after the first 2 or 3 days. This is the only HCG product I have tried that I can stick with.

  38. Bob M.

    Down 40 lbs in 45 days. What more do I need to say?

  39. Mary F.

    I’ve done the 45 day program each session. Yes, I have a lot of weight to lose so will be doing it a few more times. Besides the drops, I always order the Complete Diet Package to go with it. Of all the diets I have tried, this is the only one that works for me. I’m not hungry and I get excited to step on the scale! Once I’ve hit my goal, you’ll be hearing from me again as to how much I did lose!

  40. SR

    started at 188 now at 173. would like to see 165 and i know i can with the help of HCG. Very easy to follow just need to be strict and not let those temptations get in the way of a healthy you!!

  41. Darlene

    We recently had a contest at work for the biggest loser it went on for 2 months im proud to say I won the contest thanks to HCG drops they are the best and takes little effort i have told all my friends and family about HCG.Thank you again for being the only diet that ever worked for me!

  42. Kathy

    I just started this diet and have 4 lbs. off. It’s so amazing and exciting as I’ve been told by a Dr. that I would always have wt. problems after being on Cortisone-Prednisone for many years. Nothing else has ever worked like this…already! I’m looking forward to having a much healthier body and more wt. off in the coming days! I’m soooooo thankful!!

  43. D . Gates

    I have been on many diets but this one works so awesomely. I lost 30lbs in my 45 day cycle and will go again to get down more . I feel so much better when I on it. I say the scale is my bestfriend during this diet. Love it !

  44. meg

    i did HCG through my dr.’s office and i was hungry and cranky and found it hard to stick to the vlcd 100 percent! now i am doing the original hcg and feel great! i’ve lost 14 pounds in the first week and have been 100 percent on vlcd! i love this program!

  45. Cheryl S.

    this is the third time I have used this product. The first time I lost 85 pounds over a 5 month period. If I start gaining weight again I go on a 21 day diet and get it off right away. This time I gained 40 pounds and I’m looking forward to losing the weight. the plan is strict but worth it.

  46. Carol

    Was a little skeptical at first but once I started on the diet it gave me hope right away! I am one week from the 45 day mark and I have lost 30 lbs.! It is so easy and I have not had the hunger problem or the jitters you have with other diets! It is a great program! I also have a different outlook on food again.


    Round 1 was the 30 day program and I lost 25lbs and have kept it off for 6 weeks. Now I am ready to loose another 30-35lbs with the 45 day program. this is the most effective weight loss program I have ever been on (and I have been on ALL of them)! The reason this one works for me is that I never lose motivation, the weight and/or inches just seem to fall off every day! Plateaus happen but are just very few and far between (and, if I’m honest with myself, I had probably cheated a little too much if I had reached a plateau). Stick with it and you will see amazing results!!

  48. tonie

    Glad to find this website and hcg drops. It is really true…no BS…it is the only weight loss that ever worked for me. No hunger, no fatigue and no cravings while lossing weight. Customer support is amazing when asked questions. My clothes fits so much better than before I got pregnant. Very happy and I highly recommend it to everyone who has been searching all their lives to find an effective weight loss program. Try it! 🙂

  49. Virgo Girl

    I thought i can never loose weight again. Every day i loose 2 lbs and in a month and a half i lost 25 lbs. Now i am maintaning my weight and i love it.

  50. J

    I have tried EVERY weight loss fad out there for the past year. From Acai Berry, Raspberry Keytones, CLA to an illegal product from China called Fruta Planta (which did work but had many bad side effects, but the weight came back and doubled shortly after stopping it). My boyfriend heard of someone who paid a doctor $800 for the shots and he said the girl was my height but bigger and lost a lot of weight in one month with the injections – and didn’t follow protocol. Me being the detective that I am I looked this thing up, obviously curious and ended up on this site after reading reviews and bought it ASAP. It literally comes the next day. I’ve taken it for 7 days and lost 7 pounds so far. I’m 51, starting weight was 156 and am now down to 149. Note: I have not been under 150 since last summer so seeing this loss shows me this thing WORKS! I love it. I’m going to continue this ’til I get back down to my regular weight that I was 2 years ago at 120, and hopefully go down to about 100 by New Years. This is literally my life savor. My weight gain has caused me lots of depression, especially being relatively small my entire life. The first week is tough, but after a week, it becomes a lot easier. Less hunger pains and you wouldn’t even want to eat after seeing the results!! If you’re like me, need to lose weight and tried everything, try this, you won’t regret it. And for the price, you can’t go wrong especially when health and happiness is PRICELESS.

  51. MMA


  52. Deborah L. 10th, Nov, 2012 Wichita, KS

    I am a 63 yr old woman who miraculously lived through an extreme Aortic Dissection in 2009. It tore from the heart to the groin! Because of that I am not allowed to exercise. OK by me. I hate exercising. Except I gained a lot of weight and don’t have a lot of options for taking it off. I asked my Primary Care Physician if it would be safe for me to take HCG drops. He gave his approval. I was on the drops last year and dropped 15 lbs. I just wasn’t disciplined enough to continue. However, I got on the scales last week and was up to a whopping 220 lbs on my 5’6 frame. I began my drops a week ago and have lost 8.3 lbs. in 7 days:) With the holidays coming up I have decided to use the HCG drops for 2 wks, then maintenance drops/program for 2 wks. It will take a little longer to reach my goal but still very doable. This product is the ONLY product that has results for me. I have energy, no hunger, sleep better and don’t find the program difficult to follow at all. It’s been another miracle for me!

  53. Kate

    Very happy with the fact that I’m NOT hungry! Really like the drops. Day 4 and have lost 2.5 lbs.

  54. Tiny!

    I have used this product before. I love it and I recommend it at every turn. The best thing about this – the thing that will make or break a person’s determination to continue a diet – is you see the results IMMEDIATELY. You can see the difference if you cheat, and you get that reinforcement every morning when you step on that scale. Didn’t loose your pound? Shouldn’t have had that donut! Six weeks, to loose the weight you’ve never been able to get rid of, six weeks max to fit that size skinny you’ve always wanted to wear! Just six weeks and you can have your silly donuts again. Trust me, it is so worth the wait!

  55. LadyTestarossa

    I can’t be more thrilled with the results I’ve experienced using HCG. I’ve lost 60 lbs and get so many compliments on how great I look. I’ve only used HCG from this company, so I can’t speak for other brands, but the HCG from this web site is tasteless and WORKS!

  56. Dense

    Th product does work, if you follow the diet, you can drop loads of pounds. However, the diet is ver strict and bland but you can be creative and spice it up.

  57. Bob & Sue

    After seeing many of my friends drop anywhere from 25 to over 100Lbs. I decided to give it a try. I and my husband did the 45 day diet. The hardest part was enduring the complaints about the food from my hubby but every time he got on the scale he would say give me my drops! Needless to say both he and I lost 25lbs. each. He is looking forward to do another round when the time comes. I am at the weight that I wanted and holding steading. Very satisfied and am recommending it to everyone who wants to lose weight.

  58. Vicki

    This is the second time I have used HCG.Day four and I’m already down 4 lbs.Hoping to start my husband on it when he comes home.

  59. chi

    Try it for your self. I have 28 pounds and I am on my second round of the drops because I am hoping to lose more weight. This is the only product that has worked for me. I give it a 5 star!!!

  60. Tera Johnson

    The product arrived early I was very impressed with the price and it tastes great so I’m very excited to stick with it in to see how much weight that I can lose I will update you in about a week to let you know how many pounds I’ve taken off this week thank you Official HCG

  61. Lianne

    This product is like a miracle cure for weight loss, there is only one catch you must follow the protocol to the T. If you are disciplined you will drop a pound a day…let me tell you after a week you will be so motivated!!! Plan all your meals a week at a time and avoid eating out and you will succeed! I promise!!!

  62. Ronette Stott

    I firmly stand behind this program and the drops! Lost 19 pounds in 21 days the first time and now on drops again (I’m going to make an honest effort to maintain this time) … second time around it’s only been 7 days; however, 10 pounds gone!!! Again, this program and product does work! You WILL lose weight … the secret and or ticket to success is to follow the program EXACTLY as stated!!! Good Luck!

  63. Pat

    Love this product, works immediately, so you see results immediately. This keeps me motivated.

  64. Chrissy

    Works in conjunction with the prescribed diet. I have tried other drops and these taste the best, others contain alcohol and are drying and bitter tasting. These are reasonably priced as well.

  65. Sarah

    I did the 45 day plan twice about 6 months a part.. I am going to do this one more time to lose my finale 30 – 40- pounds. I have tried every thing to lose weight, and this is the first thing that has worked.

  66. Sharon

    I started on the HCG diet last week. From Monday, the first day of the low calorie part, to today, the very next Monday I lost 17 pounds! You must be particular and follow the plan exactly–no cheating. I have not experienced any hunger so find it easy to stick to the plan. I may have some side effects such as feeling pregnant–you know, the absolute distaste for smells and certain foods. These drops are great though!

  67. Sandra

    I bought the couples HCG package for me and my husband over 2 years ago and tried it but failed. I decided on 12/1/2013 to give it another try. I released 25 lbs in 30 days. I had RNY gastric bypass surgery 5 years ago and lost 135lbs but gained back 50lbs. I didn’t reach my goal of 165lbs so I decided to try HCG. It works. It helps me because I am supposed to eat this way anyway. It worked for me. I am on my second round and even though I am not doing as good as I was before I finally got under 200lbs and now I know hot to keep it off with HCG PHASE 3. It makes it easy for me. Thank you Official HCG Diet Plan.

  68. andria dean

    I’ve been trying to lose weight and failing miserably prior to learning about this diet. I decided to give dieting one last shot and someone told me about this website. I did 3 short rounds of HCG using this brand only, and the weight just MELTED off! I am SOOO glad I found something I can stick with, and I only have 10 more pounds left to lose. So far I’ve lost 63 pounds and I couldn’t be prouder of myself! Now I only have to figure out what to do with all these ill-fitting clothes in my closet!

  69. Brenda M

    In 2011 my triglyceride levels were 1358 & my cholesterol was 311 and I was 30 lbs over weight. My health was very poor & my doctor didn’t know how I was still standing. My doctor put me on a medication, however the levels still did not come down. He wanted to put me on an additional med, but instead, I convinced him to let me try to get the levels down myself through diet. I ordered the official HCG drops and started the diet on September 2, 2011. I lost 30 lbs in 45 days and ALL my lab levels came down to normal range. I maintained my goal weight until November of 2013 when I broke my foot and was laid up for 7 months unable to cook for myself or get around easily. I lived on what my husband cooked, which was usually pizza or pasta. I am now on a second round of drops to lose the 20 lbs I gained back, am on my 4th day and have already lost 3 lbs, even after stuffing my face for 2 of those days. These HCG drops are easy to take & the diet isn’t as bad as it seems. For me, it was more about detoxing my body of the sugar and carbs that I love. After 2 weeks into the diet the first time, I didn’t want those foods at all. At the end of the diet, while maintaining, I found that I couldn’t even drink soda anymore, candy lost it’s appeal and the carbs just were not on my craving list. This diet literally saved my life! I felt that the weight loss was just an added bonus to re training myself how to eat healthy. Now, I eat to live, not live to eat! Thank you for the second chance at life!

  70. Debbie

    Using HCG for 20 days now and have lost 21.6lbs!! I have a very difficult time losing anything, no matter what I have tried, so I am truly excited! I am not hungry, not craving anything, and so motivated since every morning when I step on the scale I am down anywhere from .8 to 2.0+ lbs!

  71. Beverly Eisman

    I am using this product for the second time and anticipate the same fantastic results as the first. I lost 26 lbs the first time a little over a year ago by following directions to the letter. I was able to maintain my weight by being diligent, however after getting married in February, I allowed myself to indulge and now find myself 11 lbs over my comfort zone. I believe the important thing with this product is to really follow the directions diligently.

  72. Paula Reid

    I love the way this product really makes me think of making healthier choices! I don’t think of food all the time like I did on weight watchers.

  73. Lillian Martinez

    I never feel like I’m starving. I use the drops,eat normal..and the weight just starts shedding off. Its the best product of HCG I have ever used.

  74. Donna

    60 pounds in 90 days…..from size 18-20 to a size 8. A commitment to this diet is a commitment to yourself, and your worth it.

  75. Pat Gotelaere

    Recommend this product to anyone needing to lost weight over the last couple of years off and on to help stay on track. It Works fast, which keeps me motivated during weight loss. It really, really works!

  76. Shanna Cooke

    I’m 17 days in and 28lbs down … I have always felt full and I have more energy now ten I did when I was eating triple the amount!! It really makes you realize how much of a food obsession most of us do have….I’m nervous for the maintaining part but have changed my outlook on food so hopefully that helps …. Would recommend this to anyone and everyone

  77. Fred Thomas New Orleans

    This is my 4th order in 2 years. I admit it’s hard to eat right and stick to every single detail but, even that still worked. I cheated and the product still worked!!! I had my co workers watch me and the product still worked!!! Don’t give up on this product and it won’t give up on you!!!

  78. Cindy

    This is my second round of hcg. The first about 3 years ago. I kept the weight off for well over a year but gradually it all came back and then some. I have been on the hcg, raspberry drops and acai berry detox cleansing caps for 1 week today and I am down 11 pounds!! Cant wait to see final results again! Love, love, love it!

  79. Lisa Habeck

    This product is great help. It is not a miracle, but if you do follow the plan it will certainly drop your jaw at how fast the weight will come off. Following the plan is the hard part, but well worth the sacrifice. Just stick to it! I have been using this product for a week and a half and I am down 7 solid pounds. I get excited every morning to see more loss and it keeps me motivated to continue.

  80. SH

    These drops and this diet work…and they work fast. Point blank. If you follow the diet as directed, and take the drops, you will lose the weight. Every single day I lose something, as long as I’m diligent. It feels great to see the scale going down each morning; it’s pure motivation. Don’t get me wrong, the first week is hard. But, after your body gets in line with your mind there’s no turning back! You WILL lose weight, sleep better and feel better, all without starving yourself!! This diet will remain my go to every time!

  81. Julia Moore

    These drops work just as well as the shots I used to get for a third of the price! Great product!

  82. Paula O

    I Lost 30 lbs in 1 month NO LIE! When you dont eat according to the diet plan you will gain a pound or two back but do exactly what the manuel tells you and you will lose weight QUICK! I had to order a 90 dy supply..

  83. Patricia Dupuy

    I was clearly skeptical but also desperate for a real shake up approach. So far, so good!

  84. Tracy Davis

    I love the drops. I lost 14 pounds the first time I tried them and am looking forward to doing another round to loose a little more.

  85. Nick Cusato

    Used this before and it works great. Lost 1-2 pounds a day.

  86. Barbara

    I have been on HGC diet for a week now and I have lost 11 pounds. So easy. yes, I crave some of my favorites, but I just look at my calendar and remind myself that in __ days, I can try them again but for now I am having fun making up things to eat from the list of foods and the great recipes that are listed.

  87. Shahidah Adams

    I’m a Fan of this Product!! I’ve lost 60lbs and have kept the weight off for 8 months

  88. glenda

    I love this product. I used it before for 35 days and lost 50 pounds. Going to do it again to lose another 30. It’s a hard diet to stick to but the pounds come off quickly and it’s worth it.

  89. fredoat1@gmail.com

    This is an amazing product. I’ve done 3-4 cycles and lost the weight I needed to lose. It was my fault that I gained it back but the product kept taking it off. I’m convince the product works. I just have to control my sweet cravings once I come off. Awesome product though

  90. Jason

    I’ve used this multiple times to lose weight and has worked every time. The problem is me keeping it off. But when I need to get it off, I turn to this every time because it works.

  91. carol

    HCG works really well. This is my second bottle.

  92. Stephanie

    It really works, day 22 lost 20 pounds

  93. Anonymous

    I have tried a lot of diets and lifestyle changes and so on but 2 years ago I tried HCG and I lost 25 pounds – quickly. I did what they suggested and took pictures of myself and was amazed at how my body changed. I followed the rules explicitly and I kept the weight off for 2 years but then I had a stress fracture in my foot and it refused to heal. Three months later i had gained back 20 pounds. I am back on HCG to get ready for my Fall trip to Europe. I know that losing weight will help my foot, my knees, my back as well as boost my self esteem! So grateful to have this product to turn to. You do have to follow it exactly. Even little diversions can change the results. I look forward to great results in the next 6 weeks!

  94. lily-az

    i naturally don’t eat much food but because i didn’t eat enough healthy stuff i packed on the pounds..i was 232 when i started the drops and im half way through them and im down to 210. thats 22lbs in about 25 days. its amazing i do follow a weight watchers type diet…low sugar or no sugar added and i dont eat starches at all on these drops. so it will work for you even if you can’t follow the eating plan. seriously, try it. this is a real genuine review.

  95. Ayana B.

    I was really hesitant to believe that this plan could work, but I’m now sold. I’m on my 2nd day of stopping the drops and a day away from beginning my maintenance phase. I have to admit I was skeptical at first but when the pounds started coming off, I started getting excited! I didn’t feel hungry until it was about the 42 day and that let me know it was time to stop the drops even though I still had a good amount of HCG left. I lost 17 lbs so far and am about 5 lbs away from my goal!!! I know that I would’ve lost more had I not cheated (some wine here and there) but I’m still more than happy with my results!

  96. Vivian – CO

    I love the product and it actually works!! I’ve told many of my friends about the product and they all have ordered and lost weight! I’m in the military and we have a physical fitness test that has to be taken twice a year unless you get a 90 or above on the test and this year I got that 90!!!! I don’t have to take the test again for another year!!! Whoo hoo!! A lot of my other friends are in the military and all them have had a huge success on these drops! I’m ready to order more!!

  97. Peggy – GA

    Ordering was easy and my product arrived in a timely manner! The product worked well and I lost 20 lbs and I have been able to keep the pounds off for over 7 months.

  98. Tracey – San Antonio, Texas

    I could not believe it; I lost ten pounds in the first week! I wanted to lose weight for my daughter’s wedding in Sept. and I lost 25 pounds, two inches off of my bust and hips and FOUR inches off of my waist. I would like to lose another fifteen pounds and I have taken a break and only gained three pounds back! Please try ! I have recommended this to many of my friends as well!

  99. Forever Grateful!

    I was always a heavyset kid. I’ve always been over weight a good 30-40 lbs. I’m 20 years old and i stand 59. I started this diet in October (my birthday) and i did the 45 day program. I started this diet at 225lbs, and as of November 28 i now weigh an amazing 188lbs!!! In only 40 days. I was def skeptical at first, but i’m glad i gave this a try.This is the THINNEST i’ve ever been in my life. Thank you God, thank you HCG! Im a new man, and i feel GREAT!!!!

  100. Nancy

    The HCG drops work well! I have lost 13 lbs in two week.

  101. Julie

    Like everyone else, I was skeptical. I’ve tried everything and nothing really worked, until this, that is. I started my first 21 day cycle in October and lost 25 pounds so quickly and easily. The weight sayed off through the holidays, taking a cruise and a Florida vacation. Now it’s January and I’m the second week of another 21 day cycle. My weight continued to drop even when I was not taking te drops. So far I’ve lost 30 pounds with 25 to go. I probably would have lost even more but I do not follow the 500 calorie plan at all. I just watch portion sizes and fat/calories. I’m also working out. However, when I’ve tried that combo before (work out and lower calories) I may Abe dropped a pound or two. The key is definitely the drops. My daughter darted them, and now she’s lost 20 pounds so far. This is an amazing product!!

  102. Jordan

    I have struggled with my weight for my entire life. As a 26 year old mother of one, who is addicted to fashion – I was so depressed. Desperately needing a way out of my fat body. Excersize and healthy eating, worked but not as fast as I needed. HCG…My MIRACLE. My LIFE SAVER!! I was only going to do the challenge for 21 days, but my success was so amazing, I went for 45 days. I lost 25 pounds. I am at the end of P3, looking forward to a quick 21 day Round 2 in a few weeks to lose the last of my weight. 200lbs to 175lbs… I realize what works for me and what doesn’t. I realize increasing activity during P2 will help maxamize results and I am beyond elated to finally become the thinnest and remain my healthiest. I love this new lifestyle. I love how HCG makes you look at food and your body. 4 friends are now doing it and melting away one day at a time!

  103. Christina

    I just had a baby in November and gained 60 pounds! I have tried both the Atkins and South Beach diet in my past but the older I get, the harder it is for me to lose the weight. I started the HCG diet Feb first and continued through March 15th and I lost 27 pounds. Now I have to admit I cheated two times, Valentines weekend and the first weekend in March. Once I was off the diet, I ate healthy most of the time and still treated myself at least once a week. I did not gain a pound, only fluctuated between two pounds just like the diet said. I started my second rouns again last week on April 23rd and I am already down 9 pounds. If you are really focused on losing weight, this is the diet for you!!!

  104. Shere

    I started on 02/08/2022 and it is now 03/01/2022 and as of today i have lost 31 1/2 lbs and it is still coming off i love this stuff. Don’t get wrong it is hard but it is worth it. thank u HCG!!

  105. jpsbabygirl

    Just finished 21 days and lost 20 pounds. I stayed at the same weight for the last week so I actually lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks. The last week I still lost another 3 1/2 inches even though no weight was lost. I am going to take a break and go back on the drops and diet to lose the last 15 pounds. I am amazed and so excited. Have been going through menopause and just could not get the extra pounds that I have slowly gained off no matter what I did. This was what I needed to restart my metabolism and I am thrilled to be wearing things I have not been able to in over a year. This stuff works!

  106. Kim-OK

    Your company was so helpful and easy to work with. I will be recommending my friends here and will continue to use your product.

  107. Doris-PA

    This is an Excellent product. I will continue to use your product and recommend you to my friends and family.

  108. Sandra-HI

    This product is good and really does work! The ordering process was super easy and hassle free.

  109. Erwin Yates

    I’ve been taking the drops almost 4 weeks now. So far I’ve lost 12 to date. Gonna keep going to day 45. Hopefully I’ll be under the 200lbs mark by then.

  110. Debbie

    This diet WORKS! take the drops, follow the diet. You WILL lose pounds and inches!!!! Couldn’t wait to step on the scale each morning. 1 lb a day. BOOM. If I noticed a day I didn’t lose a lb. I ate apples for a meal or 2. I was never hungry! No Exercising!!! After the 3 ( for me ) weeks. I started a weight training program to tighten things up.My husband LOVES this diet and HE isn’t even on it!! He noticed a huge difference! Love it!!! ??

  111. Eileen

    I had gained about 45 pounds due to the hormone replacement therapy I was on. I tried so many different diet pills and diet plans without results. I started taking homeopathic HCG because my sister was using it and had considerable and noticeable weight loss. I�ve lost at least 10 pounds. This really has been the only thing that he is working for me. I would recommend it to anyone who wants motiveless results quickly.

  112. Randy Zinter

    I tried this diet eleven years ago and successfully lost 75 pounds over a sixty day period. In the last couple of years, I went back to eating way to much food, to say the least not the healthiest diet. For years I was bragging to my friends that they should try this diet. This diet is not for faintest of heart, it takes a lot of motivation and dedication. The drops make this possible. The hardest part about any diet is feeling hungry all the time and the drops make this possible to take the hunger problem away.I started this diet nineteen days ago and so far I have lost twenty three pounds. This time around I am trying the forty five day plan and I am feeling very confidant that I will reach my goal. I recommend anybody that is serous about losing weight to try this product. It does work. I recommend that you should also take before and after pictures to show the results.

  113. Joy

    This is definitely my go-to weight reduction plan! Thanks for making a great product that works every time!

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